Useless offer of the day

“Save on forklifts.”

Because that’s just what every woman needs to get through a Wednesday. A forklift.

In other news, didn’t quite catch Gaby in time to keep her from killing a sparrow this evening. I caught her chasing down something in the backyard, and hoped it was a mouse. But she had been hanging around the shrub in which the sparrows congregate, so I had a sick feeling….

Poor little mite. We have them by the zillions around here, but still.

2 thoughts on “Useless offer of the day”

  1. My kid gets the occasional bird. And squirrel. And baby oppossum. The rabbits seem to be fast enough to escape her depredations, though.

    I am probably an enabler, though. I just threw some sunflower seeds around on the front lawn today so the squirrels and birds would dethatch it for me. Work smarter, not harder.

  2. I think Gaby would love the chance to chase a rabbit. Not many around here, though, thanks to the coyotes and foxes.

    I need to file away that dethatching ploy.

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