Getting pounded with spam these last few days. We’re talking hundreds a day, with dozens of new variations turning up in the Akismet net to be added to the filter. Thank ghod for Akismet. I think that without it, I would have had to shut down the blog months ago.

Well over an inch of rain has fallen since Sunday. It has finally stopped for a while. Sun peeked out for a few minutes, which was cause for much rejoicing. Temps will bump up close to 70 or higher the next few days, but of course they will plummet on Friday because I am taking the day off–it’s King’s first doctor visit since starting chemo. If all goes well, errands will follow. The excitement never stops.

Trying to not feel too bummed about missing WFC. Folks are starting to talk about their schedules and such, and that always makes me feel a little down. I did do a decent amount of traveling this year, at least for me. But I would have enjoyed the drive to Toronto, and seeing Julie Czerneda, Michelle Sagara West, and other folks. Oh well. There’s always next year.

The pups just finished their after-dinner shenanigans. I don’t know why, but that’s their chosen time to run around, wrestle, and create mayhem. They’re both petered out now, stretched out on the floor around my chair. I’ll straighten out the living room rugs later.