Saturday afternoon

Cool. Off and on cloudy. Had my 6-month dental check-up this morning. Grocery shopped. Stopped by a Starbuck’s to see if I could find anything worth buying–I have a few gift cards that have been taking up slots in the wallet since forever. Some of the mugs were nice, but I need a new one like a hole in the head. The glasses are nice, but $8.95 for an 8 oz size is a little steep. So, left empty-handed. Maybe I’ll go back closer to Christmas to see if they have any seasonal stuff.

Made pancakes and ham for lunch. Did some yard work–pulled up the deck pot tomato plants, cleaned out the planter. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer–I would like to clean out the raised bed. The tomato plants are still green, with no sign of blight–that makes me happy–but nothing left worth picking. Basil’s shot. The Indestructible Chive and the tarragon are still limping along; they’ll probably last until the first hard freeze.

Not sure what to plant next year–do I try new tomato varieties, or stick with the seeds I have? The Sel. Franchi was tasty, and the Black Cherry was downright prodigious. Not impressed with the Arkansas Traveler, but the weather was so nutsy with the heat wave and lack of rain that I’m not sure anything was at its best. I may return to Black Krim or Purple Cherokee, though. They have a deeper flavor that I missed.

Good colors this fall. Lots of deep orange and bright gold, and that rich brick red.

In other news, Something has been getting into the garbage bin as of late and chewing up the trashbags in search of food. The bins have the type of lid that’s supposed to discourage that sort of thing, but I am guessing that a reasonably smart possum or raccoon would have no trouble figuring things out. I may weight the lid down with a brick tonight. If that doesn’t work, drill a couple of holes and rig a rope or chain. Or just wheel the thing into the garage at night.

Gaby hasn’t killed anything this week. The local wildlife breathe a collective sigh….