King update

Thank you all for your good wishes. Unfortunately, the news isn’t good. King had his spleen and part of his liver removed–the bleeding resulted from a tumor in his liver that ruptured.

The surgeon was able to remove the portion of the liver with the rupture. There were other tumors in his liver, too many to remove them all. We don’t know whether they originated in his spleen–spleen cancer is common in large dogs, liver, not so much–or in the liver itself, and may not know until the biopsy results come in at the end of the week. At that point, I will meet with the oncologist and discuss treatment options. Odds are that the options will be palliative only.

King came through surgery okay. He’s at the hospital tonight. Depending on how well he responds to pain meds and how he’s doing overall, he may come home as soon as tomorrow afternoon. I will then need to figure out care options because he can’t be alone with Gaby during that time as he is on reduced activity for the next 10 days to 2 weeks.

I discussed day job things with my manager. We’ll work something out. It’s been a day for working things out.

Thank you for your good wishes. My poor guy needs them.