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It’s raining. Gonna rain most all the weekend. We do need it. The Lake is down 14″ to the lowest level since the mid-60s while closer to home–as in, my basement–the sump pump well has been so dry so long that it has become quite the spiderarium. But the lawn has thinned enough in spots that the pups track muddy footprints when they return from bathroom breaks, and chilly&soggy is just my least favorite weather condition ever. Which makes one wonder why in hell it’s my dream to move to the PacNorWet.

All I can say is that mountains trump chilly&soggy. Portland&Seattle trump chilly&soggy.

Weekend point to ponder–am I the only person who has absolutely no issues using both Macs and PCs? I switched from PCs to Macs in the early 00’s in order to avoid infestations, and had no difficulty making the OS transition. Used PCs at the day job, and never felt a speedbump. OK, the backspace keyless MacBook keyboard trips me up every so often. When I return to PC-ville, I lose half a sentence before I remember where I am, but I think that the deletion of the MacBook Backspace key was done for space-saving reasons rather than to accommodate differences in language.

Anyway, I know some people have Definite Views–no need to restate them here. Mine have faded over time. In the interest of economy, I would even buy a PC laptop as a back-up system if I decided to return to Word or write purely in rtf or found some other word processing program that worked seamlessly between Mac and PC. I like working in Scrivener, but I’m not 100% committed to it.

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  1. I used to go to Portland once yearly, right around this time of year. I would have to pack an extra suitcase to bring all the books from Powell’s home. That and all my treasures from the Saturday Market.

    My current favorite vacation spot is Gatlinburg, TN. Late October when the leaves are turning. Best time to go hiking through the Smokey Mountain National Park. And going around to all the little shops and talking to the same artists every year, picking up all my unusual tasty winter squash varieties from roadside stands (I fill my trunk and they last until mid-summer), and sampling all the other harvest goodies like jams and apple dumplings and pumpkin fudge. And I can’t go this year. : (

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