Busy Friday

Vacation day. Hah!

Took King to his 8am doctor’s appointment, with Gaby along for the ride. Managed to get lost on the way there, which one would think would be impossible considering how many times I have managed to find the place in the middle of the night (it’s also the E-vet hospital).

Backtracked. Found a cross street. Thanked heaven for the day I decided to have the compass/rearview mirror retrofitted into Kuro–that damn compass has bailed me out more times than I can count. Called the hospital to let them know I would be a little late. FOUND THE RIGHT STREET!!!!!

Only three minutes late. No worries.

King just had a CBC today. Results were normal, which was good news. His appetite is really good, and he’s active as usual. Recheck in 2 weeks.

Gaby remained in the car during all this. She was able to see me from her vantage point in the front seat, and she just sat and watched.

Brought the pups home and fed them. Then it was off to grocery shop. I had decided to make some veggie chili, and found a recipe that used a base of three types of chilis–sweet, hot, and fruity. I found pasilla and anaheim peppers for the fruity and sweet. I couldn’t find any of the hot varieties recommended–Arbol, cascabel–so I settled for plain ol’ jalapeño.

Took liberties. I added a package of while shoepeg corn because I like corn in veggie chili. Added black beans as well as garbanzo and kidney. Didn’t have masa to thicken, so I added some corn grits as the chili cooked. I think it worked–stuff’s thick.

To be honest, I consider it more a very hearty bean soup with some heat. But it’s tasty, and it’s 8 meals in the freezer.

After two days of unseasonable warmth and rain, we now are being treated to chill. Highs in the 40s for the next week–all the leaves are down, and I’ve heard rumors of snowflakes on Tuesday.

An okay day. Kitchen busy. The only hitch came when Gaby put paid to another squirrel. I saw pretty much the whole thing. The dumb squirrel was trapped on the deck. Managed to make it to the small crabapple trees in the middle of the yard. Unfortunately, it couldn’t make the leap to the nearest oak, so it tried to dash across the lawn.

It didn’t make it.

I didn’t see Gaby grab it. I had ducked inside to get a leash so I could catch her and drag her away; by the time I got out, she had gotten it. At least it was quick. I ordered Gaby off, and disposed of the remains.

I know they’re just rats with fuzzy tails. It still upsets me a little.