Bid auction for Sandy Relief

My agent, Jenn Jackson, lives in the Northeast. That means that for the last few days, she has entertained a visitor named Sandy.

She lost power for a time, but now has it back. Her family, friends, and coworkers at DMLA made it through the onslaught. In appreciation for that and more…

…I’m going to auction a critique of a partial manuscript of a novel here on my blog. A partial manuscript will consist of up to 50 pages in standard manuscript format (approximately 12,500 words). In order to maximize benefit for the bidder, I’m going to limit this to the kinds of projects I represent, which includes both adult and YA fiction (not MG). (See my guidelines for more information.)

Here’s how to bid: Check the current high bid in the comments below and place a higher bid by leaving your name and bid amount in a new comment. At the end, I’ll notify the winner, and they should make an online donation in the amount of their bid to the American Red Cross for Disaster Relief. I’ll ask the winner to forward me a copy of their receipt for the donation and then we’ll arrange for delivery of the partial and discuss a timeline for my response.

Link is here. If you have an manuscript in the right genre (see above), this is the sort of offer you don’t see every day.

Auction runs until Monday, November 5th, 5pm Eastern Time.