Sunday morning, deck days winding down

A warmish day expected. Cloudy, with a bit of a breeze blowing papers around, but I intend to spend the day on the deck anyway. Not too many days like this left this year. Need to grab hold of them when I can.

Picked up Art yesterday, courtesy of Kerry. We arranged to meet at a local B&N, and since I arrived early, I of course went inside with the intent to Just Browse. Hah–I didn’t make it past the entryway display. Found Calvin & Hobbes collections I didn’t have, on sale. Poe and Lovecraft collections. Then I wandered upstairs and spotted a music mag with a young David Bowie on the cover. Paid for those purchases, then went outside in self-defense and waited for Kerry by the store entrance. Once she arrived, we went back inside to the cafe for coffee and official transfer of the artwork. No more purchases, however. I do retain some vestigial willpower.

The rest of Saturday was chewed up with grocery shopping, laundry, other chores. Today, I’m digging dinner out of the freezer. I refuse to cook, clean, or attempt any kind of chore. It’s a day for the deck, with the occasional break to watch the hummingbirds dart around the Rose of Sharon tree and will the tomatoes to Ripen Faster Dammit because highs in the 50s are predicted for week’s end. If the late blight’s to be triggered, that would be enough to do it.

I want summer back. Not ready for the cold.