Saturday morning, with a hint of autumn

The last few mornings have been cool enough that I’ve worried whether the low temp would trigger late blight and wipe out the fairly substantial amount of tomatodom currently ripening on the vine. Only a few Black Cherry are ready to be picked–everything else is green. I need a few more warmish weeks for this second wave to ripen, and given that it’s mid-blasted-September, I’m not sure I’ll get them. Trees have already taken on that dull green cast, and sugar maples are showing hints of vermilion. It’s autumn, dammit. Halloween decorations are going to begin appearing on lawns Any Day Now. Then the Christmas decorations are going to start showing up in the stores.

I’m not ready!

Last week was my 25th anniversary at the day job, and yesterday was me celebratory lunch. A bunch of people from my department came, as well as a few folks I’d worked with in departments past. We went to a local Italian restaurant, and the room was pleasantly noisy as folks ate and talked. Dessert for me was a slice of tiramisu with a candle for blowing out. It was really nice.

In other news, my Chicon art caught up with me. One of the show staffers will be meeting me this afternoon at an Undisclosed Location. Money will change hands, and a drawing of a squirrel and a photo of a sleeping cat will come home with me. No clue where I will hang them–my stack of Art That Needs Framing and a Place to Hang grows a little longer with every passing Worldcon, and I doubt I will ever catch up unless I get a bigger house.