If you purchase a high-end small appliance or other specialty item for yourself or as a gift, and you notice in the catalog/store/website that they offer replacement parts like bulbs or somesuch, get at least one set. Because it is possible that the thing you purchase could be of such soundness and high quality that the replaceable parts will not require replacing for *years* after purchase, by which time the part may have become obsolete/restyled, thus necessitating a redesign of the specialty item by the vendor, who would then decide to no longer stock the earlier-model replacement parts.

Case in point, the lighted make-up mirror that my Mom bought for me sometime in the early/mid-00’s. The mirror now being offered by the company looks exactly the same, but the replacement bulb that a few years ago was a T-type fluorescent with a screw-in connector is now a circular fluorescent with a prong connector. I have spent part of each of the last two weekends hunting through hardware big boxes for T-type bulbs. The fluorescent with the screw-in connector is nowhere to be found. The T-type incandescents/halogens/whatevers that I have found with screw-in connectors OF THE CORRECT CIRCUMFERENCE are about half the wattage, so that the daylight-like lighting I used to have is now duller and yellowish.

I may need to resort to an online search. But the circumference of the connector is key, most of the ones I’ve seen in stores are larger, and online product descriptions/measurements/illustrations often leave something to be desired. IOW, it’s going to be a bitch to find a suitable bulb online.

I want to keep trying. The mirror is in great shape otherwise, and now costs $130 (Mom paid $90-100). In fact, it might be worth getting it rewired to accommodate the new bulbs, if possible. I ordered replacements from the original online store, which was how I found out about the redesigned bulbs, a pair of which are now mine to keep as the store credited my account without requiring a return. So hey, I have my heir and a spare all set to go.

In the meantime, weak, yellow, light.

In other news, where in hell did the day go? It’s my own fault, really. Up until 3am working/reading/online/TV watching. Slept in until 9am. Didn’t head out to run errands until 11, and I had a lot of errands to run. It was one of those days where I felt like I spent more time driving from parking lot to parking lot then actually accomplishing anything. Dogfood, bulb hunt, groceries, drugstore, gas up Kuro. Home at 3. Unload Kuro and stash every frickin’ case and box and bag. Feed the pups. Feed meself. Try to enjoy the remains of one of the last warm afternoons of the year with an extra glass of wine out on the deck.

It’s already getting dark. Damn.

And later tonight, Rory and Amy say goodbye. Given that the Weeping Angels are involved, I have this feeling that one or the other will be sent to another time and the one left behind will have to Wait Once More. Or maybe they will wind up sometime else together. But I hear about tears being shed on the set and rumbles about the storyline and I just don’t want anyone to die. That would be shitty, however well done. So much has been said about the Doctor losing companions to death and how he outlives them all and how he is taking care to leave Amy and Rory now while they’re both still in one piece….

…and I will be pissed if anyone dies.