Spam of the week:

Woof, HerdYeah, let everyone think that you’re wlveos. That would be pawsome.Or better yet, werewolves. Yeah, that’s what you should do. A pack of six werewolvesout walking during a full moon. You could have some fun with that. Anyway, hopeto see you at Toby’s birthday bash. It could last awhileDesert Pups

Yo, Toby! Consider yourself warned.

It’s a chilly, rainy Friday, the lead-in to a chilly weekend. Sucky, actually. I’ve been keeping an eye on the tomatoes, and so far have seen no sign of late blight. But the damp and chill will give it a boost if the spores are there to be boosted. Temps are supposed to bump back up into the 70s next week. I hope the greenies are still around to enjoy it.

The last two days were Volunteer Days at the day job. Yesterday afternoon was a cross-departmental session cleaning up a local state park. Today, a few hours unpacking flats of BBQ sauce at a local food depository. The only drawback in all of this is that I aggravated the tendonitis in my right thumb. I’d been battling it for the last few weeks, and had finally gotten it under control. Now, it’s back to square one.

I think there’s an ice pack in my future.