Sunday, with chainsaw

Disposal of old building materials wasn’t part of the garage repair, so Friday I called the garbage collectors to arrange pick-up for tomorrow. Boards can be no more than 4 feet in length, and while the handyman had cut down most of the siding, a few boards still needed to be cut. So I grabbed Bucky, my trusty chainsaw, off the shelf and plugged him in. Given that I hadn’t used him since last summer, he worked a treat. No problemo, zip zip cut. Yes, he’s electric, but I haven’t lubed or cleaned him since I inherited him from Dad, and I can’t help but think he could use some tlc. A trip to a repair shop may be in his future, just as a preventative measure.

FWIW, Bucky’s a McCulloch, Model EM300s-16–if anyone has a manual, I would greatly appreciate a copy. I hunted around online, and the one place I found that may have had a pdf wanted me to register, which was something I didn’t want to do.

Bucky the Chainsaw. Sounds like a character in A Child’s Pop-up Book of Serial Killers.

I’d pitch it. To the right editor.

And yes, I think that’s a sign that I am in Sunday Evening Mode. Cranky. Tired. Not ready for Monday. At least dinner worked out. Alton Brown’s Swiss Steak recipe–I recommend it.

I can’t believe it’s 830pm already. I say it altogether too often, but where in hell did this day go?