…where did Saturday go?


Well, after some hard thinking, it’s official–I won’t be going to WFC-Toronto this year. King will be reevaluated in mid-October, and if anything needs doing I am guessing it will need to be done quickly. I also have home improvement on the brain–at least some of the money I would spend on the trip is going to go toward the bathroom refurb, which I hope will be at least partially completed this year.

That’s how the cookie crumbles. I want to sell this place in a couple of years, and that ain’t gonna happen unless I update the bathroom and kitchen. And even when those rooms are completed, the list will still be long. Oh, how I wish I could rewind to the early ’00’s. Most all of this stuff would be done by now. I’m not one for looking back and nursing regret, but there are a few things I would have done differently where this house is concerned. More than a few.

mutters to self

In other news, handyman just needs to install some guttering and paint and the garage will be done. Two of the deck pot tomatoes have browned and withered and will be consigned to wherever ex-tomato plants go. The same thing happened this summer as last–they started out taller and bushier than the raised bed plants, then lost ground as temps rose. This year, the heat hit them really hard. Even moving them into the shade during the day didn’t help.

The raised bed Arkansas Traveler is starting to go south as well. It doesn’t look like blight, but more like a determinate tomato going south. However, AT’s are indeterminate, so overall shutting down can’t be what’s going on. As for the other plants, the St Pierre and Franz don’t look that great–very few fruit and buds. The Black Cherry, however, is twice the height of any of the others and is producing like mad. I may plant it again next year.

Unanticipated cleaning took place this afternoon. I finally got around to cleaning out the bin filled with King’s rejected dry food. That bin needed a good scrub, so scrub I did. I then cleaned out and scrubbed the bin that contained all the puppy drugs and treats, moved the recycling bins to the garage, and washed the floor and wall that had been hidden by same. Not as extensive as the time I installed the new UPS in my office and wound up cleaning the entire room to the window frames. Just one little patch of floor, clean. I’ll take it.

Dinner. Dug a New York strip out of the depths of the deep freeze, along with some mashed potatoes. Roasted Brussels sprouts. Full now. There’s laundry to be done, but there’s always tomorrow.

Order of the Phoenix is playing in the background. Sirius Black is my favorite of Gary Oldman’s characters, I think. The wavy hair and long velvet coats, like some louche 70’s rocker.

Perseid meteor shower tonight. I’ll be out on the deck around midnight, looking for the falling stars.

2 thoughts on “Okay…”

  1. Heh, before long you’ll have the house exactly the way you want it and moving will be a beach because you’ll have to start the renovations all over.

  2. There’s just enough irreparably wrong with this house that I could leave it even after fixing it up. Closets way too small. Bedrooms too small. Things that aren’t fixable w/o knocking out walls, and I’m not going to do that here.

    But since I may be here a while yet, I may as well get it in shape….

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