Friday afternoon

I took a vacation day today. It was a good decision. I have a hair cut-n-color appointment tomorrow that will take a couple of hours out of the middle of the day, so I wanted to get grocery shopping and other errands out of the way.

I returned to the hardware big box and had them mix up a couple of quarts of flat paint using two different paint chips as standards. Both look different than the original paint and the paint I had mixed last week. I think I will have to stick with last week’s paint.

The problem may be that the paint I’m trying to match is so worn that the color matcher is picking up hints of the old dark brown paint underneath and darkening accordingly. Whatever. I’m not sure it’s worth spending a not insignificant amount trying to match the old color when I should probably be thinking about a whole new paint job.

Anywho. Spent a good chunk of the day in the kitchen. Made citrus salsa verde for tomorrow’s grilled fish–salmon or swordfish, haven’t decided. Baked cookies, my fave oatmeal-pecan-raisin, this time with added ground cloves (1/2 tsp) and soft diced ginger (1/4 cup). Good cookies.

Gorgeous weather–sunny, 70s. 50s at night. Gonna be like this all weekend and well into next week. I was able to have the windows open last night, and had to burrow under the comforter to warm up.

I hope it’s like this for Worldcon. I will never forget Chicon 2000–lovely weather all summer until Labor Day weekend, when temps and humidities skyrocketed. The lake was still on the cool side, which made for some interesting weather oddities. Hot and foggy is an odious combination, let me tell you.

If it’s like this in two weeks, folks are going to want to spend the day hiking around the city. I know I would try to get out as much as I could.

Sitting outside now. It’s simply gorgeous. We had August in June, so I guess it makes sense that we would have June in August. A hummingbird buzzed by to feed on the deck petunias, and hovered within my reach for a good ten seconds or more. I could hear its wings beating.