Chicon prep

I will be bringing fresh tomatoes to Chicon. That’s what happens when your cherry tomato decides to go crazy the last few weeks of the season. Just a couple of pints, along with a few of the bigs. Not my usual snack-for-the-room, but healthier than most.

Given that I’m driving, I have pretty much given up on the clothes whittling. I am taking 3x more than I need, and may not wear half of it. But I’ll have it if I need it.

I have noticed, however, a certain overabundance of black, white, and cream in the dressy con-wear. I am bringing one lilac velvet shirt just for the sake of variety.

And hey, not flying, so can pack regular-size bottles of stuff. Woot!

I had planned to have a relaxing day today–take a half-day off, do last-minute prep, and then lounge for the evening. But yesterday afternoon at the day job became a little fraught. I messed up something. Caught the mistake, but by that time matters had moved downstream sufficiently that repairs were required. I thought for a short while that I might not be able to get to Chicon until Friday.

So, got up earlier than usual and got into work earlier than usual. Gathered up all the needed paperwork and went to beg for mercy. Turns out I worried for nothing. Mistake was readily fixable. However, it highlighted something else, that I wasn’t responsible for, that needed fixing. So I was able to fix it. Nice thing was, that fix pretty much wiped out my mistake. Learning experience, and no Kristines were harmed. A two-fer. Yea.

Home now. Shoulders still a little tight. Tired. I have notes magnetted–not a word, sue me–all over the refrigerator, reminders to not forget this or that. Contact lens stuff. Meds. Cords.

I know I’ll forget something, but hey, Chicago. I am guessing I will be able to find a reasonable substitute somewhere.