Ripening tomatoes!

One on the St Pierre in the deck pot, and another on the raised bed plant. One on the Arkansas Traveler. And one, maybe more, on the Black Cherry.

Given that a few weeks ago, I wondered if the heat would kill off all the blossoms, I’m pretty happy. Barring storms knocking tomatoes off their moorings or a meteorite plummeting to Earth and flattening the whole backyard, there should be tomatoes a’plenty in a few weeks.

4 thoughts on “Tomatoes!!”

  1. Despite the horrendous heat and no rain, I’ve actually had a better tomato year this year than last. Have harvested some Juliets and a double handful of some gold cherrys (I didn’t stake the plant and it is taking over my front stoop), the other 10 plants are doing nada.

    I do have one eggplant producing, though. An of course the herbs are doing fabulous.

  2. My basil are doing well, although they bolted fairly early. I eat the flowers just as I do the leaves, though, so it’s not too big a deal. I have read that I should have pinched them back, though, since the leaves stop growing once the flowering starts.

    The deck pots have very few tomatoes–they really aren’t worth the trouble to nurse along. Next year, I will stick to the raised bed for everything.

  3. Yep, if you keep the flowers pinched the basil should last all season. I don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten the flowers…I will have to try that!

  4. The green buds of my Italian sweet basil have a slightly sharper taste than the leaves. The opened flowers taste all right, too. I have read to avoid the browned blooms because the seeds have hardened and feel gritty in the mouth.

    Harvested the first tomato yesterday. Picture to come.


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