Sunday drive-by

Stayed up until 3am finishing GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn. It’s her third book. Hit #1 on the NYT.

No spoilers. I will say that Flynn writes broken people, broken relationships, very, very well. I feel an immediacy with her work that I don’t find in most anything else I read. I would not want to live in her worlds, and I wouldn’t want to know most of her characters. But I still want to know what happens to them, and that’s a gift.

In some reviews, I’ve seen quibbling about the ending. I understand why Flynn worked it the way she did. For me, it lacked the impact, the “oh, shit” reverberations, of the ending of SHARP OBJECTS. But not all books by an author who is good at “oh, shit” endings will have “oh, shit” endings. Nor should they–as time goes on, they can become their own brand of cliche, with the author twisting the plot to fit instead of letting it work itself out as it would.

I think the fact that I am still pondering the ending gives an idea of the type of ending it was. Twisty, dark, psych. Troubling.

Flynn’s second book, DARK PLACES, in on my TBR pile. I think I will move it up.

In other news, I really should stay out of hardware stores. Because I stopped by the local big box yesterday to get bird seed, and decided to look at rain gauges.** Perfectly nice plastic gauges on display, but nooooooo. I had to get the fancy brass and glass one with the hummingbird figure on top. It’s out in the veggie raised bed now, the only place with enough surrounding clearance to allow for anything close to an accurate reading. Looks like a rain system is slanting down from Wisconsin. Here’s hoping that some of the wet stuff winds up here. Brass and glass siren song. Fill me…fill me….

The garbage and recycling are out on the curb. Grilled enough swordfish yesterday for leftovers, so I don’t have to cook. I could do a load of laundry, I guess.

It’s noon already. Why do Sundays go so fast?

**yes, I know we’re in the middle of a drought. But hope springs eternal. Let Mother Nature see it as a candle left burning in the window. Rain, come home!!

4 thoughts on “Sunday drive-by”

  1. Oh dear. I fear found the one thing that will drive all the rain away from your area…it is best that you at least got a pretty one.

      1. Hmmm…that may indeed be enough to counteract your purchase. It would be best if you would water your outdoor plants just before you go to up your chances, however.

    1. DON’T SAY THAT!!

      Weather over the coming week is supposed to be active. Will likely hit 100F tomorrow. Then things get unsettled.

      Going to Ravinia on Wednesday to see Joshua Bell. I always do Park n Ride, and while I do have a seat, the seated area is exposed to the elements. Watch it rain.

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