Sunday again

Amazing how they keep turning up like clockwork. Every seven days.

I have avoided eBay for the last couple of years, but I cracked earlier in the week when some Marimekko bedding came up for auction. I have a comforter in a rare discontinued pattern, and now I’ve found a duvet cover and pillow shams to match. Wrong size, but I can adjust. The bidding ends tonight. Keeping an eye out for sniping.

The pupsters’ vet clinic held a bath & nail clip fundraiser to help cover costs of care for strays and rescues, so I signed my two up. They came home smelling quite fresh. King also had follow-up bloodwork for his thyroid, as well as to check to see if his liver enzymes are still whacked. If they are, we may need to consider further evaluation for Cushings Disease. Keep your fingers crossed that they’re normal, and that his thyroid is the only thing that needs treatment.

Looking forward to Tuesday evening. A friend and I are going to see Natalie Merchant at Ravinia. Funny that I own no 10,000 Maniacs or Merchant recordings, but I like some of the songs enough that I think I will enjoy the concert. Plus, getting out for the evening. I don’t do anywhere near enough of that.

Finally bought some tahini yesterday and made a fresh batch of hummus. I think I prefer the peanut butter version. A bit more depth of flavor. I also added Indian curry paste for heat. So inauthentic, but pretty good. I need to use up the tahini before I switch back to peanut butter, but the combo of that + curry paste should be pretty awesome.

We’ve had a welcome break in the weather. Low 80s yesterday and today, with a light breeze. Unfortunately, 90s again by next weekend, and no rain predicted. We need rain.

ABC Family is holding its monthly Harry Potter Weekend. I think Molly Weasley should be held to account for some of the clothing she inflicted upon her children.