Saturday morning, now with allergies

My allergies seldom used to bother me during really hot weather. Lovely weather–70s, sunny, breezy–would guarantee an attack. I think whatever it was that affects me releases its spores or pollen in that temp range.

But I’m having fun now, thanks to the drought. Dying trees and grasses apparently shed a lot of mold. Judging by the way I’ve felt these past few weeks, they’re tossing it into the air like confetti. I can’t take the usual antihistamines because I’m on thyroid meds, so I have to settle for sprays, drops, and sneezing.

There are times when I could scrub my throat with a wire brush, it itches so.

In other news, the storm we had a few days ago revived the plant life. The lawn is greening, and the weeds have perked up nicely (::grumble::). Caught some goldfinches picking seeds off the bolted lettuces this morning:

And the Asiatic lilies have opened. Combined with the hydrangeas, they make for a lot of pink:

For the day, it’s eye exams to get and groceries to buy. Later….