Just started. Judging from the line of storms diagonaling down from Wisconsin, it could last anywhere from an hour to into the early morning. Depends on disintegration, organization, and yeah, whatever else holds storms together.

I can deal with thunder and lightning. Don’t want hail or I can kiss the tomatoes goodbye.

Please don’t let the power go off.

3 thoughts on “RAIN!!”

  1. It came so close last night. Less than a mile away from my house. Everyone I know who lives in my area has gotten some rain except for me. Am beginning to feel pouty.

  2. I think we wound up with a couple of inches. One wave of storms came through, and ended around 1 am. Then the second wave came through around 330am. It was loud and flashy. King paced and tried to jump on the bed, while Gaby kept walking to the back door like she wanted to go outside. I would let her out, but the flashes would drive her back inside again. So, she never finished what she went outside to do, which meant that I had a gift waiting for me in the usual corner of the living room when I got up after way too little sleep.

    Temps in the lo 80s today. Same tomorrow. Then the heat returns.

  3. Sigh. We’re still in the hundreds down here. My dogs actually like playing in the rain. Zach is half lab and he raised Zoe, so they’re both water-crazy. The only time Zach gets nervous about storms is if I am not with him when fireworks are going off around the 4th. Then he gets nervy about thunderstorms for a few months afterwards.

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