Wednesday drive-by

Took the day off today to get stuff done. Among other things, had to renew my drivers license in person–no 4-more-years-for-good-behavior stickers for this kid. I had to take a vision test, and get a new photo. Showed up midmorning in the hopes that the crowd would be smaller, but no luck. Are the crowds ever small at the DMV?

Anyway, checked in, got my number. As I waited, envisioned all sorts of scenarios in which I managed to fail said vision test (I need new glasses, and I can tell). Imagined having to call friends at work to come and get me. Panicked emergency eye exams and overnight delivery of eyeglasses for $$$$.

Of course, I passed. Had new photo taken. Funny thing is, it turned out to be one of my best photos in years. But OMG, do I look like my mother. I mean, wow.

Home now. It’s cool and cloudy, but I’m still sitting outside. Grilled some salmon. Served it with couscous, spinach, and what I think is a nice pinot noir. Baked brownies last night, another variation on the Recchiuti recipe. This recipe came with a calorie count, Oh Joy. Oh well, they’re brownies, not health food. But I did cut them a little smaller this time, and got 20 to a pan instead of 16.

Pups are playing out on the lawn. King had a slow morning, but he did eat breakfast and lunch with a little urging, and does seem to be improving overall. Getting his Bark on with greater frequency.

Tomatoes continue to bud. I did have to break out the insecticidal soap, however, because the Black Cherry and the deck pot St Pierre were taking a beating from caterpillars. Tiny, skinny things less than an inch long, but damn, can they chew up the leaves. The other plants have remained pretty much unscathed, knock wood, and the basil are doing nicely. The Rose of Sharon and hardy hibiscus are starting to form buds, which means I will need to keep an eye out for Japanese beetles.

Bought a couple of bedraggled begonias and planted them in the Mickey pot. That’s a planter with a figure of a black Lab beside it–this general style but nothing like it. The dog on my planter is older, and except for not having a white splotch on his chest, looks exactly like the late lamented Mickster. I had retired it a couple of years ago because it was sun-faded and needed a refurbishing. I painted the spots where the old paint had chipped, and washed it. Now it contains some coral “dragon wing” begonias that needed a little love and attention. Yet another couple of strays.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday drive-by”

  1. Glad King is feeling better. And boy…do I know all about starting to look like your mom. LOL

  2. It took me by surprise. Thing is, I even wore my hair in a style reminiscent of hers. It was a jolt.

    When I was younger, folks told me I took after my dad. No more.

    Keeping my eye on the King guy. Whatever he has, it’s roughed him up. And I have to keep reminding myself that he’s not a puppy anymore, and that it will take him some time to bounce back. Poor thing,

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