My old guy

It was a rough week, at least at the start. King was off his food for a few days in that he didn’t want to eat breakfast. He did eat his full portion of food over lunch and dinner, but even so he wasn’t right. Quieter than normal. Slept a lot.

I talked to the vet earlier in the week. One possibility was the blast of heat we had over last weekend. King is not a fan of heat, and given his age, you wouldn’t expect him to handle it as well as he used to. Some support for that in the fact that he’s pretty much back to normal now that the weather’s cooled–bouncier, barkier, and back on schedule with food.

Even so, I took him to the vet today anyway. We’re having bloodwork done as well as a thyroid check–King has gained a few pounds and he isn’t as active as he used to be, and while it could just be because he’s old and needs less food, it could also be hypothyroidism.

We will see what the bloodwork shows. Cross your fingers for my old guy.

Gaby came along to provide moral support, and wound up getting a check-up. Her teeth need cleaning, so I scheduled that. Bloodwork’s getting done.

They’re both sleeping now. Completely knackered, the pair of them.