My old guy, Part 2

So first thing yesterday morning, vet phoned with King’s lab results. I knew as soon as I saw the caller ID on the phone display that the news would not be good. Routine results, they phone over lunch hour. They wait a day or two. But when follow-up is needed, they call right away.

The technical term? King’s bloodwork was wonky. High liver enzymes. High cholesterol. Low thyroid hormone. In addition, urinalysis revealed a bladder infection. Given that boy dogs don’t usually get bladder infections, Vet wanted to follow up with X-rays to look for kidney issues–stones, crystals, etc. King has had Lyme disease, so kidney issues are always a concern.

Took King in this morning for x-rays. To say I was concerned…I mean, he’s an old dog. Who knows what an x-ray might reveal? So many things ran through my head, none of them comforting. There are times when it doesn’t pay to have an imagination.

Cut to the chase–the x-rays were clean. No Bad Things. No kidney stones or crystals, either, which were what Vet was concerned about. King does have arthritis of the spine and a hip issue, but we knew that. Still doesn’t explain his bladder infection, though. More on that later.

So. King’s on antibiotics for the infection, and levo for hypothyroidism. He’s also on a pain med. Luckily, he’s pretty easy to pill–just plunk the things in a mound of wet food and hold out your hand.

He was sedated for the x-rays, and is currently sleeping that off. Before that, he ate some breakfast.

The only fly in the ointment is if the bloodwork doesn’t normalize. This might indicate Cushing’s disease, which would also explain the bladder infection. Cushing’s is treatable but still not the best diagnosis in the world. But I don’t want to worry about that until it becomes a real issue.

King’s home. For now, I’ll take it.