In other news

Adjusting to Time Machine, which essentially means that I check it every so often to make sure it actually is working, which it is. The external HD’s proprietary software does not work with Tiger OS, but I have not yet determined whether that means I cannot backup my iBook** as long as I use Time Machine and not said proprietary software. Given that I don’t use the iBook for much other than web surfing, it wouldn’t be a great loss. The lettering on the keyboard is wearing out and some of the keys require a harder touch, including the space bar, which means that I’ll type a sentence without looking and find that half the words are run together because space bar didn’t. So it’s definitely a backup machine of last resort, but even so. Still nice to have around Just In Case, which means at some point I will check to see if it works with TM.

I just really wish that my Airport Extreme router had more than one USB port. I mean, it has three Firewire ports, none of which I have ever used. But if I had two USB ports, I could hook up old and new external HDs and MacBook and iBook in one big home network which I would never use to capacity what still what the hell at least I would have done it. Non-techie, me, which means I feel a sense of accomplishment when I manage to muddle through things that techie friends could do in their sleep.

I think old external HD has a firewire cable. Given that it’s ages old, the carton no longer exists, and any other cords and other bits it had were added to the general mess years ago, I don’t know if I could find it even if it did exist. Are FW cables pretty much interchangeable? Because I know I have them. I just don’t remember where they came from.

Beautiful day here–sunny, high of 80F expect. Had breakfast out on the deck, and am now debating whether to set up the deck brollie now or wait until the sun comes up over the oaks.

There is not a cloud in the sky.

Quiet Sunday morning. Hope it stays that way.

**which was named Spike but which I believe I will rename Rip van Winkle or Methuselah