At noon today, the thermometer by my backdoor read 102F. I think that may have been a couple of degrees high–the thermometer is located a little high up the wall, only a foot and a half or so below the soffit. A good place for warmer air to get trapped.

So, it may have only been 99F or so. Balmy.

I prepared for the onslaught yesterday evening by giving all the flowers and veggies a deep watering. I also moved the deck pot tomatoes to the upper level of the deck so they could be protected by the shade of the overhanging sand cherry. I think they’re going to need to stay there for a while, because temps in the 90s/100F are predicted into next week.

We usually have to wait until August to have as many 90+F degree days as we’ve had already this year.

2 thoughts on “Heat”

  1. We reached a record high of 108 that day. For June that is utterly ridiculous.

    The dogs have been moping because I’ve had to keep them inside during the day all week. Luckily, I was able to take them over to a friends for a deep deodorizing bath/deshedding the day before this heat wave hit or it would have been equally unpleasant for me!

  2. Yesterday, we stayed in the 80s. Lovely bit of rain last night, though we probably need a week’s worth to close up the cracks in the ground.

    Today, high 90s again. It’s cooled down to 80F now–yea! for Cooler By The Lake–but it’s muggy. Sinuses bugged me most of the day. Achy head. Had to take some ibuprofen, and have been blowing my nose every 15 minutes.

    Gaby wants to stay outside unless it’s well and truly horrible, but King gives up on the heat pretty quickly. That dog does love him some A/C.

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