Wackiest dream last night.

Not sure if it was daytime or dusk because a storm was blowing like whoa–horizontal rain, trees bent double by the winds, a real Max and the Typhoon scenario. I opened the back door to let Gaby outside, and the wind caught her as she stepped out onto the deck and carried her off. She was airborne. Out of sight. Gone.

I stood in the doorway and called her name. Not sure how long I was there, but next thing I knew, I could see her flying toward me, still carried by the wind. I caught her and brought her inside. End of dream.

2 thoughts on “Dream”

  1. Well at least it had a good ending. I had one the other day that involved a 8″ baby-blue-colored platypus with 2″ needle teeth in it’s bill. The WTF-ness of it woke me up.

    I found the furthest along tomato (just shading to orange) on the ground this morning. Not even any teeth marks in it, just dropped. Sigh.

  2. Whoa, baby blue vampire platypi. What did you have for dinner?

    I am sorry about your tomato. You wait and you wait, and something comes along and bumps it or tries to sniff it, and bam. Ex-tomato.

    My folks tried farming one year in upstate NY. They planted tomatoes, among other things, which they sold to the folks headed to the local state park for picnics and whatnot. The field received visits from ring-necked pheasants, which used to walk down the rows of tomatoes and peck, leaving a single hole in each one. Still edible, depending on the stage the tomato had reached, but not salable.

    Dad used to keep an eye out for those birds, but I don’t recall ever having pheasant for dinner.

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