Still with the radio silence

Just stopped by to open the windows and give the place an airing.

Came home after work to find a bit of a fraught situation–King edgy and clingy, drinking lots of water. Water splattered all over the dining room floor. In addition, when I went into the living room I found the television pulled away from the wall and the cable box unplugged. Meanwhile, in the dining room, I found the grow light unplugged and the power strip into which it had been plugged yanked out of the wall and lying on the floor.

I was understandably upset by this. I am already concerned about King’s old-agedness, and at first I thought he’d had some sort of fit. I wiped up the splatters and gave him time to settle down. After an hour or so, I fed him. He ate normally. Meanwhile, I pondered.

Then I remembered the fly.

When I came home at lunchtime, I left the back door open a little too long and let in a honking big fly. I tried to swat it and failed, and since I had to get back to work I left it in the house with the pups. I should have known better because King goes after flies. What I think happened is that he tried to catch it in the living room, chased it behind the TV, and got tangled in the cable box cord thus yanking it out of the wall. Same thing in the dining room with the power strip and the grow light. King got tangled in the power strip cord–the strip was atop a small table–yanked it out of the wall and pulled the strip down on his head. At the same time, he managed to pull the grow light cord out of the power strip. Luckily, that didn’t topple on him as well, although it was resting a mite crooked on its shelf.

After all that, King still didn’t get the fly until a few minutes after I got home. He was pacing back and forth, spotted Fly bouncing off the backdoor glass, and snapped it out of the air, nervy nerves and all.

The TV still works. So do the power strip and grow light. King is currently lying on the living room rug, looking as though he has finally settled down.

Gaby was completely unaffected by all of this. Just thought you’d like to know.