The thing is, I have suffered from cat allergies for much of my life. Asthma attacks. Red, itchy welts where the dander touched my skin.  But my allergies overall seem to have settled down a bit over the last few years, so I was hoping that I wouldn’t have much of a problem when I visited my friends D&D and their 2 pups and 6 cats.

I guess you could say I didn’t have a problem:

Singer is an Empathy Cat. I had a few rough moments related to some phone calls from back at the homestead, and was feeling a little tense. Worried. This was about the time that Singer decided that my lap was the place upon which to spend extended stretches of the evening and even parts of the afternoon. Stroking him made it all better.

My throat didn’t even itch. Didn’t sneeze. Sort of amazing, actually.

2 thoughts on “Friday”

    1. They did apparently calm down on their own, as have other allergies of mine. I was always somewhat allergic to my dogs, but apparently that’s no more. I had the usual spring and autumn issues, but they’ve improved as well. I have read that allergies sometimes get better with age. At least something does.

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