Clark Kent

Some time ago over on my LJ, I posted updates about Clark Kent, a cat that almost died due to the neglect, and who was rescued by a good Samaritan and the good folks at City Kitties and The Cat Doctor (Facebook links). But the last update didn’t contain the best news. Doctors found a slow-growing bone cancer in his mouth. Given his many other medical issues, the decision was made not to put Clark through another surgery and/or radiation. Instead (and here comes the good news!), Clark was placed in a new home where he could live out the rest of his days in peace and comfort.

Well, another update has been released, and Clark is doing great. His weight is steady, and his labs are more normal. He’s sleeping on the bed–human or kitty, not sure which–and runs through the house with his sisters–kitty, I assume.

Good news on a dreary day. Long may you wave, CK!