Any number of things make a post

A week ago at this time, I was being photographed by Libby Bulloff outside the EMP Museum. We walked around the building, using the different colored exteriors of the main building as background. It was an unseasonably gorgeous day–60s, sunny, folks out in t-shirts and shorts–and I had great fun even though I was in the nascent stages of this damned upper respiratory plague. Thanks to Libby and make-up artist Lindsey for working on a holiday Sunday, and kudos to Lindsey for making me look so much better than I felt. Looking forward to seeing the finished work.

When I came home Monday, I found that the St Pierre seedlings (Seeds From Italy) had taken over the seedling tray. So yesterday I transplanted two of the largest plants (over 4 inches tall and branching) to 16-oz cups. I also moved a Red Pear Sel. Franchi (another Italian seed), an Arkansas Traveler and a Black Cherry (more for encouragement as their size doesn’t compare), and two Italian Sweet Basil (also from Italy). The earliest I have ever planted seedlings is, iirc, the second week of May. At the rate they’re going, the St Pierres will need to be moved to larger quarters before that.

I had to have my lawn mowed while I was gone. The landscape folks are already getting calls. It’s unheard of for far NE Illinois lawns to need mowing in early April. Mine could already use a second pass. Hydrangeas are leafing. Crabapples are blooming. We were way behind on rain for the month, but made up for it in a few hours last night. 2.5 inches around here. Supposed to hit the 70s today. I can see the grass growing.

Gaby continues to eat normally, which helps reassure that if she goes on hunger strike again, she will likely recover quite well. Below is a photo of her in her little post-grooming neckerchief. Below that is a photo of King in his. It had a teddy bear printed on it, but I couldn’t photograph it so it showed up. So the photo is pretty much King following me around trying to see whether the camera is edible or at least bury-able.