The day before vacation…

…is always hell on wheels.

Started the day with 5 meetings on my calendar. I never have 5 meetings in one day. I’m not in the wall-to-wall-meetings bracket. But one turned into an email/phone call and another turned out to be pretty short, so it wasn’t too bad. I still have some day job things to do this evening, so not quite out of the woods yet. But I got through the end of the quarter and received a nice email of the sort one files away, so it was all good.

Laundry this evening–third load is in the washer. I have mentally packed, although the actual drag-up-the-suitcase-from-downstairs-and-fold-and-sort may be put off until tomorrow evening. Received the confirms that CPA e-filed taxes, so YEA!! Didn’t think I would get through that with time to spare.

It would have been nice to sleep in tomorrow morning, but I have a physical therapy session scheduled for 7am. I don’t think I ever mentioned that. Decided to find out whether strengthening my knees would help with occasional bouts of can’t-run-anymore. We’re in Week 3, and I think it’s helping. Jogged 20 minutes on Monday without pain. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep off the weight I’ve lost until the knees get straightened out or I give up and give ellipticals a try.

How can it be 730pm already?