Sunday evening

Sundays are hard. I spend Friday nights decompressing from the week, and Saturday running errands, doing chores, and trying to have a life. Come Sunday, things have slowed down a bit. I write in the morning, work outside in the afternoon if the weather allows. Have a decent dinner, then write some more. If there’s a good show on the tube, I will watch. Dr Who is on WTTW at 10pm.

A decent day, usually. Just starting to settle down. But tomorrow is Monday, dammit. Not to mention a 4-day week and the week before I go on vacation, which means that something will blow up. And it’s end of first quarter, so there will be business things that need to be wrapped up.

I don’t want to go in.

Need to decide which suitcase to take. Need to decide which clothes to take. Set things up for the housesitter.

Still waiting for that magic transporter closet. I’ll sign up as a beta tester.

Hawks playing the Preds. Going to be a tough game. It doesn’t help that it’s on NBC-Sports, formerly known as Versus. I don’t like it when the game is on that station. I don’t think the Hawks play as well.

I could also say that Johnny Oduya’s nickname should be Little Dab, but that would pinpoint my age like whoa so maybe I will keep it to myself.**

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.


**Brylcream, dammit. Men’s haircare product. Old commercial. “A little dab’ll do ya.”