Saturday afternoon

Possible record-breaking warmth in Chicago. If it hits 80F, it will be the warmest St Paddy’s Day in the 142 years they’ve kept records.

It’s cooler here near the lake. Lo 70s. A breeze, but the sun is warm. I’ve put all the plants outside, including the seed tray. EVERYTHING IS SPROUTING!! Each basil compartment has green leafiness. Each of the tomatoes is sprouting in the line of compartments along the outer edge, on the side that received the most sun/warmth during the days spent in front of the south-facing window. Makes sense.

Six days. Methinks that’s the soonest I have ever had tomatoes sprout.

Barring the Inevitable Unforeseen, I shall be winging my way to Seattle two weeks from today. ::checks clock:: In fact, I might have even touched down by this time. Looking forward to getting away, even if I do leave the warmth behind. I’ll be driving down to the Portland area to visit friends for a few days. Then it will be back up to SeaTac for Norwescon. I’ve no programming, so it will be Barcon all the way. Except for Sunday, when I shall make my way into Seattle and have me photo taken by Libby Bulloff. I have always really liked the photos she’s taken of Cherie Priest, and am looking forward to seeing what comes of this. I like the current author photo well enough, but it’s 5-6 years old. Time for something new.

Already mid afternoon, drat it. Third load of laundry just went in the washer–that’s what I get for letting it pile up. I’m currently sitting in the dining room, back door open, enjoying the birds and the greening. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban drifts in from the living room. Need to do a bit of vacuuming, even though it will disturb the pups, who have had their lunch and are now nappers. Maybe I will just ponder dinner. Well, actually, I already have pondered dinner. I excavated a lamb burger and some couscous from the freezer. I’ll mash the lamp with olives, sun-dried tomatoes, and herbs, then brown it and have it over the couscous. Something green on the side. Bread and wine. Then work, either writing or more tax prep.

Hope you’re all having a good day.

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