And so it begins

It’s March 11th, and I put some of the potted plants outside to soak up the sun. It’s about 62F, I have doors and windows open, and I am wearing shorts.

And I have just finished tucking tomato and basil seeds into the starter tray.

Five types of tomatoes, a mix of US and Italian varieties: Arkansas Traveler, Black Cherry, Red Pear Sel. Franchi (a beefsteak-type), San Marzano (sauce) and St. Pierre (a salad/fresh). One type of basil, Italian Classic.  I have them in the window with the grow light and a heating pad. Not sure if the heating pad will do much good, but I will turn it on every so often and check if the tray feels any warmer.

It’s clouding up now, but the next 7 days are supposed to be May-like. I may leave the Mona Lavender and the baby pine tree outside for the week. The herbs–not yet.

I keep reminding myself that we could conceivably still have some snowfall. A blizzard, even. But it’s kind of hard to wrap my mind around that given that I will be grilling salmon on the deck later this afternoon.


3 thoughts on “And so it begins”

  1. Even with the intermittent freezing temperatures, all my herbs except for the basil are still alive even though I didn’t bring them inside. Even the parsley, which never happens. And they’ve all got tons of new growth on them as well. I’m looking forward to a very herby season, cooking-wise.

    Of course, the basil is my favorite.

  2. My Indestructible Chive, which is entering its 4th year, is sprouting away in the raised bed. It gets bigger every year, and last year sported a bunch of lilac flowers (they occasionally turn up in the header photo). The temp hit 82F today, so I put the covered seed tray out on the deck to soak up the heat. One of the basil seeds has already sprouted.

    I keep reminding myself that we could still get hit with snow/cold anytime over the next month.

  3. I have an indestructible chive myself. It lives in a container on my porch. A 2′ x 2′ container. I think I’m finally going to divide it and spread the wealth before it starts eyeing the nearby container of pansies…

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