“Tights have had an extremely long and varied history.”

The title of this post comes courtesy of one of the weirder spams I have ever received. WP spammers are usually remarkable only for their repetition and unique spin on the English language, but this post is noteworthy because it is completely whacked.

There is the potential of tights becoming developed that could remain ladder-free, created from a newly created material that can repair itself when the edges are brought back together. As it is possible to see, hosiery has come a extended way, and it really is undoubtedly going additional!

In other news, the head cold that I thought had run its course paid a return visit today. Chills. Body and headaches. Sneezing. I’m now at the point where I can breathe through my nose, but can’t taste anything. At least my throat stopped hurting.

In hockey news, looks as though the Hawks are in danger of winning one tonight. But they still have 18 minutes to screw things up, so I shall withhold my it’saboutdamnedtimes until the game is well and truly over. Like when all the guys are in the shower, or something.