Crummy Friday

Yes, this is a bitchy-moany post.

I had planned to take a half-day’s vacation, get the grocery shopping done, then work on Stuff. Instead…the head cold that I thought had pretty much run its course doubled back Thursday night and broadsided me. Full head and choppy sleep last night. Today, full head along with chills and body aches. I came home at lunch, popped ibuprofen, then changed into pj’s and propped myself up on the couch. Slept for about an hour. Woke up feeling a little better. Less achy. Head’s a little clearer.

I’m craving complex carbs, so that’s been the day. Oatmeal. Whole grain cereal. Yogurt. Fruit. Minimal fat. Meat? Ick. Might have pb&j on toast later.

Yes, I know head colds are only supposed to affect one from the neck up, but just about every cold I have had for the last 15 years has been like this, more the miniflu than a cold. The body aches I had with the last bout of full-blown flu I suffered through were 10x worse. Weep-worthy. These were just uncomfortable.

I hope this was the last hurrah, because I need to have a good weekend.