Saturday/Sunday ConFusion

See what happens when you spend all your time doing panels and sitting at the bar? The con is over before you know it.

Sitting at a table with a plug so I can charge the MacBook. The con, it is over. I had fun. Panels went well. Spent much time talking to Violette Malan and her husband Paul, and Michelle Sagara West and her husband Tom. The reading with Jim C Hines went well. Talkingtalkingtalking until all hours.

Bought a key-shaped pendant watch, aka A Key To Time. Fear me.

Montes 2010 Malbec. Good wine. Good wine.

Hoping for decent weather tomorrow morning for the drive home. I’m seeing possible rain/snow showers and wind in the forecast, which I can live with. It’s ice that I fear most.

Time dilation. I feel as though I’ve been here for so much longer than four days. Not looking forward to the return to Real Life. Except for the pups. I miss the little stinkers.