Had it today. Down 20 lbs since last year. BP’s down about 20 points (systolic), too.

I think it was the new treadmill, which shows total distance and approx calories burned. It made me want to work harder to hit high numbers. I added speedwork, which helped a lot as well.

So this is the least I’ve weighed since early 2004. I would like to lose 15 pounds more, but I would take 10. I’d be delirious if I managed to lose 20 more, but that would match the least I ever weighed as an adult, and the elderly carcass may balk at that.

Funny thing is, I’m still wearing most all of the same clothes. I was able to buy shirts one size smaller, but trousers are still hanging on. I need a belt for most of them, but they’re not too big yet.

Jackets and blazers fit me no matter what. Coat hanger shoulders.

I think I’m going to have to increase the running/jogging/walking/mix ‘n’ match in order to drop any more. Nice thing is, I’m still able to cook and bake and eat. I am eating less than I did before, but I was forced to the conclusion that I just don’t need that much food. Sad, but true. Breakfast, dinner, and a snack around lunchtime. The occasional cookie. Not giving up cookies. They are a food group.

3 thoughts on “Physical”

  1. You probably replaced fat with muscle in your legs/glutes, but not in your upper torso if you are doing treadmill. So, makes sense that your pants still fit.

  2. Well, my pants are a lot looser–I didn’t get bigger anywhere. But I do have Hip Bones. There are no single-digit sizes in my future.

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