It was bound to happen eventually

We’re under a Winter Weather Advisory. Temps were in the 50s yesterday, and the 40s today. Tomorrow, the bottom drops out and brings some snow with it. 4-8″ possible, with temps in the 20s and lotsa wind.

I still haven’t prepped the new snowblower, so today I filled the gas can and bought oil. If we wind up with less than 6 inches, I’ll stick with shoveling, but if we wind up with drifts I’ll fire up the thing.

I’m keeping an eye on the forecasts for the middle of next week. It would just be my luck that NW Indiana and southern Michigan gets pounded on the day I need to drive to Troy. I’ve built in a day’s buffer at both ends, and I know that there’s nothing I can do about the weather and it doesn’t do any good to worry about it. But dammit, Winter waited this long to show up. Why couldn’t it have waited for another two weeks?

4 thoughts on “It was bound to happen eventually”

  1. It’s completely my fault. I was saying just this weekend about how much I wanted it to snow. We’ve had next-to-nothing down here and given how snowy the past few years have been, I was feeling neglected. Of course, it would have to happen on the one day this week where I have everything planned, but beggars and stuff…

  2. ::imagines being stranded on an Indiana toll road, buried in drifts, miles from an exit. No food or water. Gas tank empty::

    ::decides to think about something else::

  3. It’s Mother Natures whimsey, if you stay home, the snow will pass us by. Be careful, I used to think I’d passed into another dimension whenever I went over the border from Illinois to Indiana. I have visions of Indiana Troopers shooting monster
    snow snakes coming over the dunes onto the tollway to attack stranded vehicles…
    Maybe that was too much LDS in the sixties…

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