I’m here

Let the bells ring out and the banners fly.


I’m exhausted. Left home midmorning. The drive through Chicago/NW Indiana wasn’t bad, but I hit snow squalls in western Michigan, along with car-shuddering winds and lotsa semis. The weather improved around Kalamazoo. The sun even showed its face. But it wasn’t a relaxing drive, and I have the headache and stiff shoulders to show for it.

It didn’t help that the day’s intake consisted of a bowl of cereal and a couple of cookies. I ate as soon as I could after check-in–a salmon club and sweet potato fries. Just popped some ibuprofen.

The bar is the place to be, as you would expect. Saw Dave Klecha and Jim Hines and Yanni Kuznia. Met Myke Cole. I know I met other folks as well, but hey, I already have Con Head. It’s like Time Head, but without Alex Kingston’s hair**.

I am now back in the room, and may be out of commission for the evening. Ms Excitement, that’s me. At least I’m missing the storm that’s supposed to move through Chicago tomorrow. Very glad that I decided to drive over a day early.

First panel isn’t until tomorrow evening, so I have the morning and afternoon to muck about. There are actually some very nice stores a couple of miles away–a Nordstrom’s, for one–but shopping’s the last think I need to do. I will probably putter around the hotel and do a little work. Hang out. Even with the headache, it’s good to get away.

Jim Hines has a sonic screwdriver pen. I wants one.

**don’t get me wrong–I like Alex Kingston’s hair. She could give me half of it, and not even miss it. Then I’d have actual hair and not the dark lint that’s atop my head now.***

***very thin. very fine. gun-sight hair&&

&&and I’ve apparently started to blog like Robin McKinley. Footnotes are your friends.