Got up around 630 EST. Packed up the car. Breakfast. Was on the road by 815 or so.

Temps were close to 50 around Detroit, and didn’t drop below 40 until I reached Illinois. Light rain all the way, changing to flakes north of Chicago. Made it home around 1 CST.

We had a snowstorm here on Friday, and I was concerned that I would need to clear the driveway before I could pull in. Imagine my surprise when I found it clear, with only a little slush and a melted-down plow bump at the bottom.

Unpacked the car, then went right out again and shopped for groceries because I had made coffee and didn’t have any half-and-half. The reason I needed coffee was because the hotel, while having pretty good food and one lovely wine, lacked in the coffee department. Seriously. Worst coffee I have ever had at a restaurant. Ever. It was as though they ran a gallon of hot water through a tablespoon of grounds. I had a headache Thursday and Friday, and while I thought at first that it was due to travel stress and dry hotel air, I think it was lack of caffeine. I slept like a rock, too, which one might do if one’s stimulant has been cut off.

I’ve had two cups of my coffee in the last two hours. I can feel my heart beating again.

Unpacked. I’m taking tomorrow off, so I’ll do the laundry then. The pups are still at The Bad Place, aka Not Home, aka the Doggy Spa. Picking them up tomorrow morning, which leaves me the evening to decompress. Kill Bill Vols 1 & 2 are on Spike. I may have another cup of coffee.