Epic Confusion schedule

‘Twill be a busy time. My great hope is that this abnormally mild winter we’re having here in the upper Midwest does not decide to revert to form the weekend of the con.

7pm, Friday Salon G Race, Class, and Gender
(Steve Piziks, Kameron Hurley, Kristine Smith, Sarah Zettel, Jay Lake)

10am, Saturday Salon E Over the Horizon
(Tobias Buckell, Kristine Smith, Doselle Young, Michelle Sagara West)

11am, Saturday Athens Reading
(Kristine Smith Jim Hines)

1pm, Saturday Salon H Natural Sounding Dialogue
(Kristine Smith, John Scalzi, Myke Cole, Christine Purcell, Christian Klaver)

5pm, Saturday Salon E Mass Autograph Session

1pm, Sunday Salon F Women in Combat
(Carrie Harris, Jim Hines, Kristine Smith, Scott Lynch, Kameron Hurley)