Dr Who–the music

I do enjoy the series music, but after the show is over, I tend to forget about it. Then Julie Czerneda mentioned that she received the Series 5 soundtrack for Christmas and it hit me that whoa, the stuff is out there and I really do like listening to it. “Onwards!” is a favorite, and Amy’s music is lovely and poignant.

Not sure how it happened, but I tripped over this nifty two-minute clip of Murray Gold, the composer, playing the Matt Smith theme:

That led me to this interview. Take note of his comments about working under pressure, which start at about the 4:20 mark. Applicable to any creative process.

I need to get the S5 CD, I think.

As an aside…that 2-minute clip…funny hat and good bones and goofy and a bit talented. I don’t know, Mister Gold. The Lure of the Minstrel.

I think you have a fan here.