Run, run, Rudolph

When I hear about people hitting deer, they’re driving along remote country roads or freeways, usually at night.

I almost hit one in front of my house.

It was dark. I had picked up Gaby from the groomers, and was talking to her and looking out the passenger side window to see if the local newspaper was sitting in the open-ended mailbox at the end of the driveway when I saw movement. Then a big deer trotted across the road in front of the car. A *big* deer. It was at least 10 feet away, but still. If I hadn’t been slowing down, I probably would have hit it.

It trotted off, followed by a buddy. I don’t know what they were munching on in the neighbor’s yard. I do think they’ve been snacking on the yews in my side yard. For the last two years, the poor things have had their branches stripped. I should probably dig them up, but so far they’ve been rebounding over the summer. Just in time for the next round of winter snacking.

Gaby got her winter bath and trim. She’s all fluffed out, and the mud has been removed. The groomer tied a cute little holly-dotted scarf around her neck, which I will leave in until tomorrow morning. Can’t risk King grabbing it and pulling on it during play.

The groomer had written “good girl” on Gaby’s receipt. Well, yes, she is. Mostly.

It was still on the warm side today–40s–but windy and getting colder. A soup/stew day. I chopped up the last of Sunday’s roast chicken and added it to the French oven along with the roasted veggies–fennel, onion, carrots, garlic–some corn, and barley. Let a fond build up, then added a cup of sauvignon blanc and a cup and a half or so of Sunday’s stock. 4 cups water. After the barley had cooked, I thickened the mess with gumbo file. A very hearty soup resulted. More like a stew. Good with bread and butter.

And finally, for those of us who still miss Calvin & Hobbes….