Five things make Happy Holidays! post

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! A little early, but I doubt many folks will be posting tomorrow so.

1) I like pies, quiches, tarts, but I usually eat solo so one huge whatever is too big. So I committed Kitchen Gadget and bought a Mini-Pie Maker. For those who have never seen one, it’s looks like a waffle iron or sandwich press, but it has molds on the inside top and bottom that come together to make a pie. I used pre-made crust and puff pastry. Didn’t even have to roll it out. I made two kinds, blackberry-ginger and pear-cranberry. They look nice. Not sure if I’ll take one tonight because stuff like that tastes better the next day. But, I’ll see. The night is young.

2) For ages, I swear I did not have BBC-America. It came in an extra package with a bunch of channels I didn’t want, and I didn’t want to pay $16/month for just it alone. But I was flipping through channels today and hey, I do get BBC-America. That means I can watch the Dr Who Christmas Special tomorrow night, along with everyone else.

3) It feels like a weekday. Not like a Saturday at all.

4) Finally learned how to say Kylie Minogue’s name. Well, I had been saying it, but tonight I learned that I’d been saying it right.

5) Finally treated myself to fave DVDs. Kill Bill Vols 1&2, WALL-E, and the Chris Eccleston season of Who. I’ve only seen the Kill Bills on AMC, so I am a little trepidatious about what bloody bits I’ll be seeing that had been edited out. Eyeballs and samurai trepanning. Yea!

2 thoughts on “Five things make Happy Holidays! post”

  1. BBC-America is a BIG disappointment, unless you want all Gordon Ramsey, ALL DAY. And I don’t. The occasional Dr Who and once in a while Torchwood can’t make up for the constant day long worship of Gordon F…… Ramsey. But, it does make SyFy look better!

  2. I’m glad I never paid extra for it, but I am looking forward to watching Dr Who on the night it airs instead of waiting for new eps to show up on On Demand.

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