The Consuming Passion

The All-Clad chef’s pan that I didn’t expect until next week arrived today. It’s 12″ across, looks like a cross between a wok and a fry pan, and arrived enclosed in a drawstring bag like a posh handbag. I will try it out this weekend on a batch of steel-cut oatmeal. I know that sounds strange, but this pan is supposed to be great for risotto, which consists of hard bits that need to absorb liquid. That pretty much describes steel-cut oats, so, we’ll see.

The All-Clad has a brushed finish interior, not a mirror finish. It will be interesting to see how that impacts clean-up compared to my cheaper Cuisinart pans. Yes, I do side-by-side pot comparisons now. Oh well.

I am in love with harissa. It imparts a different sort of heat to foods. Over the weekend, I mixed some with fresh rosemary and olive oil and used it as a rub for lamb chops. Today, I spread it on a tuna steak prior to broiling. I’ve added it to soup, and spread it on bread along with goat cheese. Good Stuff.