Sunday morning

Get up. COFFEE. Reset non-computerized/non-atomic clocks. Feed pups. Feed self. Deal with postprandial playtime/excitement/TOY PLEASE MOM! Get critters settled and sit down to start working.

::a few peaceful minutes pass::

Hear suspicious sound. Look down. Move chair and shoes out of way as Gaby vomits on rug at feet. Follow after her as she goes to vomit in the living room. Stick piddle pad under her mouth not quite in time.

Find cleaning gear. Clean rugs and floor. Wail and mutter and wish for mechanical fish as pets. Wonder if neighbors can hear wailing. Allow self to be mildly impressed with how well cheap dining room rug cleans up. Recall why expensive rugs are a non-starter.

Stuff piddle pads etc in trash. Empty full trash bin. Sort recycling since outside anyway. Put out trash. Note that Gaby is chasing King, is alert and playful. Make tea to deal with own upset stomach.

Sit down to restart work. Try to avoid damp spot on rug. Note dozing pups. Mutter to self.