It’s the 4th day of the long holiday weekend, and I officially am confused as to what day it is. Opened my eyes this morning, and thought it was Monday. So glad I was wrong.

Tomorrow, when I think it’s Monday, I won’t be wrong. That hurts.

Rained the whole blessed day yesterday, a light mist followed by steadier stuff. Looks like it’s finally pushed out, taking the unseasonable warm with it. Now it’s 40F, with a stiff breeze. 20s tonight. I’ve disconnected the garden hoses, but have left them looped outside for the moment. Need to figure out where to store them. Hung them on hooks in the garage last year, but they weighed too much and pulled said hooks out of the studs. I could just lay them atop something, but unless they’re secured they tend to slither and spread about. My fault for not thinking this through when it was warm. I’ll figure something out.

At least the basement stayed dry.

Christmas lights are still on, which means the timer isn’t working. I have another one, so I will switch them out when I put out the garbage around lunchtime. It’s just too damned uninviting now, grey and damp and cold. The only natural brightness comes from the prairie fire crabapple, which is filled with tiny red apples. The squirrels have left them because they only eat them as a last resort, likely because they’re bitter. The Louisa crabapple’s little gold apples must therefore be sweet, because they were stripped weeks ago.

Friday’s Cranberry-Orange Cake came out well. Not as sweet as I feared, although the syrup could use a little lemon juice or something. The recipe would work for muffins as well, if that’s what’s preferred.

Hoping for a quiet day free of horking dogs and other issues. Sundays always go by so quickly. It’s going to be 5pm before I know it.

Writing tip of the day: Prepositions often aren’t necessary, I’ve found. “She walked to the back of the house” works as well as “She walked around to the back of the house,” depending on how the scene’s been set up. Yesterday, I pondered “swallowed down,” and wound up removing the “down.” Swallowing only goes in one direction, at least for humans, so ‘down’ is redundant. “Choked back.” “Choked down.” “Bit back.” There, the preposition might be necessary, but I have found over time that I can remove a goodly number of them without forsaking clarity.