Middle of the week

Two days of rain. Now the temps are supposed to drop, with a freeze possible tonight and snow flurries possible tomorrow. I brought in the parsley and basil pots, along with a pine sapling that I got at work as part of a printer reduction project (fewer printers, lower costs, fewer emissions = Green). The sapling will need to spend this winter indoors, after which it can be planted outside. I am planning on making it my Christmas tree. It may be able to support some tinsel and a couple of tiny bulbs. I’ll post a photo after I decorate it.

Used up the last of the garden tomatoes last night in a batch of Bolognese sauce. Yet another nail in summer’s coffin.

I happened to be home for the national Emergency Broadcasting System test. One minute of blatting, and that was it. I expected some trouble with the cable box or something, but nothing untoward happened. I know there were warnings on TV etc during the last few days. I wonder if a War of the Worlds-type panic could take place these days, or if the extensive communication network would nip it at the bud.