Holiday Friday

I know that not all folks have off the Day After Thanksgiving. I’m glad I do.

Filtered sun outside. A little wind. They’re saying it could hit 60F, which would be a record or close to. I am guessing 50s here. It is supposed to get colder tomorrow and rain/snow shower on Sunday, which means today wil be the day to put out the Christmas decorations. I keep it pretty simple–some deer, and a tree in the round planter. A couple of lighted wreaths. I’m late, by neighborhood standards. A lot of folks put out their stuff last weekend.

Then there’s the buttermilk. I bought it to use in the buttermilk mashed potatoes–duh–and the smallest container I could find was a quart, of which I used but a 1/3 cup. I then learned that buttermilk mashed potatoes taste pretty much like sour cream mashed potatoes, and while I can think of several other everyday uses for sour cream, I can’t for buttermilk because I hates the stuff except in cooking the sorts of things I don’t eat that often, like mashed potatoes, biscuits, pancakes. But as I was looking for a recipe for some of the cranberries that have been in the freezer since last fall, I found one for a cranberry-orange cake that uses, la-da, 1 cup buttermilk. So I may be making that today, assuming I can pry myself out of the house and to the grocery store for oranges. A store clerk once told me that the day after Thanksgiving is a good time to do grocery shopping because most everyone is at the department stores, and I’ve usually found that to be the case.

The nice thing about yesterday’s dinner was that it didn’t result in a ton of wtf?? leftovers. A couple quarts of soup, and a small amount of veg. And the aroma. It settled in all the rooms, it did, the rich smell of cooking beef. We may be opening the windows later, when it warms up. Or maybe the scents of baking cake will push it out.

May have soup later. Or possibly tuna sandwiches.

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